Xeriscaping: Efficiency And Freedom

There many different types of gardening and landscaping projects homeowners can undertake in order to improve both the aesthetics of their yards and to improve the resale value of their home. Although there are a great number of popular projects one that often flies under the radar is xeriscaping gardening. In simple terms xeriscaping simply refers to low-water gardening and landscaping.

Xeriscaping is extremely popular in areas of the world where water restrictions are placed on homeowners. It's also popular with people who own homes in very hot and dry climates. As extremely hot and dry climates tend to kill plants quickly and make gardening/landscaping very difficult at best, professional landscapers began searching for an alternative to traditional gardening methods which resulted in xeriscaping.

Xeriscaping may work extremely well for homes that reside in hot and/or dry climates but in actuality most homes can benefit greatly from xeriscaping. Xeriscaping consists of plants that require low-water and carefully chosen spots for garden irrigation. Now there is a stigma attached to xeriscaping that has people believing xeriscaping consists mostly of cactus and other desert type plants though this is completely untrue. While some xeriscaping projects may include various types of cacti and other desert dwelling plants, many also include flora found in more temperate climates.

Xeriscaping can be used by homeowners as an alternative to those difficult to maintain lawns as well. In contrast to a single even lawn, homeowners can choose the xeriscaping add a colorful array of different plants to their front and back yards. The carefully planned and installed irrigation system will keep all plants within such a garden properly and efficiently hydrated. Perhaps best of all however when it comes to xeriscaping is that homeowners can take pleasure in knowing that they can leave garden unattended even the greatest of droughts or heat and return home to find it living and healthy. Xeriscaping is all about efficiency and freedom, something homeowners will find in abundance when they complete their project.

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