Ideas for Your Winter Patio

Whenever you think of your patio, you probably think of it only in the spring and summer months when the weather is warm, and the snow is nearly gone. Have you ever considered preparing your patio for the winter, and that doesn’t mean you’ll have to purchase everything again. By the time winter is in full swing, everyone in your family will be wishing to get outside and nothing will suit that purpose better than a winter patio.

So what would you need in advance so your patio will work in all seasons instead of one or two? To cut down on wind chill, plan to purchase floor to ceiling shades or blinds. Ones that roll up and down would be sufficient and when not in use can roll up and out of the way. They should attach to the ceiling and floor of your patio to remain in place when in use.

Next, you’ll want some way to heat the area. There are many types of outdoor electric heaters that work well in your winter patio. Outdoor wood burning fireplaces will bring the heat to the area inside the blinds. Just be cautious anytime you have a heat source that they aren’t crowded or touching anythingthat could cause a fire.

Lighting will be important, and you’ll want more light than the back porch single bulb light. Invest in smaller fixtures where you can aim the light to the right area. Lights on tracks could serve this purpose well.

Harsh metal or plastic patio furniture would be rather uncomfortable in the cold. Cushioned seats with waterproof covers would be preferred and used all year long. Anything that absorbs moisture should be stored away.

Outdoor kitchens work well in the winter especially if they are under a sturdy patio cover. A grill with counter space for preparing food would be
sufficient. Many prefer to add other appliances like a small refrigerator, a gas burner, and storage areas.

Whatever you do, you don’t have to do it all at once. You could buy little by little while keeping the entire plan either in your head or drawn out. Buy the grill, then save for the table and chairs, but try to have them all in place before winter arrives.

Check online to find professionals who can help you design your own winter patio. But now you will call it the patio and omit the winter part because you’ll use it all year long.