How to Design an Outdoor Bedroom on a Budget

We’re not talking about adding a room onto your home, but if your back yard is secure and private, this type of outdoor bedroom may be advantageous to you. It won’t take a great deal of money, and you may be able to use items you already have.

If you have a patio with a solid floor and roof, you’re already half way there. For the floor, you could purchase a colored turf grass or cork that
outlasts inclement weather. During the summer months you may want to purchase mosquito netting, and then attach it to the patio roof. You can also attach outdoor curtains to the patio roof to give you privacy and keep out the bright morning sun. Then when not in use, tie them back around the patio support poles.

You could add an outdoor fireplace for cooler nights. Be cautious that none of the curtains or netting blow toward the open flames.

The best time of the year to purchase those items would be at the end of summer where you’ll find reduced prices.

You can find furniture for your outdoor bedroom at second hand stores, or discount stores, or your local furniture store that have numerous bedroom suites. They also may have suites purchased from hotels. Those beds and headboards are normally large with nice headboards and other furnishings.

Use unstained bookcases after you’ve stained them with all-weather stain. You’ll find you can save money because they’re cheaper than their finished counterparts. Store books and knickknacks in these pieces and be sure to protect them from the weather.

As you prepare to decorate the area, pick up pottery, baskets or even wrought iron items. You’ll find many ideas in outdoor catalogs or search the local hardware store shelves for good buys.

Many have moved their kitchen and living areas out into the back yard, so why not bedrooms? It takes a bit of ingenuity and planning, but think of the fun you’ll have when you explain to the rest of your family that you’ll be spending the summer in your bedroom in the back yard.

Turn the air conditioners off and enjoy the beauty that you’ve developed in the back yard, besides you’ll be sleeping under the stars. When cooler nights suddenly arrive, you could pack a couple of blankets in a trunk that you can use as a table. Once your family sees how much you’ve enjoyed your new room, they’ll want to join you. Or you could always add a tree house!