Benefits of Decorative Concrete

Yes, there really are benefits to decorative concrete, and if you’ve never heard of the process, it has recently become very popular among those who want to upgrade their property. The process is simple to achieve and in addition it is cost effective, and long lasting. Those who have had the decorative concrete added to the exterior of their home have also had it installed on the inside and use it for sinks, countertops, entryways, and possibly even walls.

There are a few different processes to rid your property of the ugly gray concrete. The transformation can take place on the old stuff and you’ll have a new eye-catching look complete with color decorative concrete. They add the color process with acid that stains the surface and creates chemical reaction for the effect you’ve asked for.

Stamping is another process that adds the color to the surface of your existing concrete. They also add UV inhibiting materials that sets the color and prevents fading during the hot summer months.

Water based staining adds color to the newly stamped concrete. The transformation of the surface takes your home from the ordinary to the exquisite, and few can compare. The aesthetic appeal turns into a work of art, from a simple concrete walkway.

To achieve the visual effect the creative contractor uses dyes, sealers and stains. Every job they do is unique and stunning. They provide their customers with dozens of finishes and surfaces. Or you can design your own and work with them to achieve your original design and color.

When you ask aren’t there problems with the process? Does the color fade after one year? The weather plays a huge part in the time the color lasts, however if you apply a sealer every four years or so, the color lasts much longer. In harsh weather, you probably should seal it more often.

One of the most attractive features is that your new decorative concrete is resistant to mold, dust and other allergens so your family will once again live in a healthy environment.

How do you find a contractor that deals with decorative concrete? Thought you’d never ask. Go online and search for companies who want customers to show exactly how they can improve their property. Then call and set up an appointment to start your own upgrades.

Just remember, decorative concrete is durable, flexible, low maintenance, affordable, and beautiful all rolled into one. You can’t make a better decision to upgrade your property.

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